Top insurance companies in 2018 to choose from

Are you thinking of buying a life insurance for yourself and the other members of your family? Do you want to know about the best life insurance firms from the US market and also worldwide? Cheap Life Alliance has made things easier for you by list the top-most life insurance firms in the country.


Now, we are going to talk in details about the top-end life insurance firms nationwide and what makes the top 10 life insurance companies in the country. However, it is important for you to note that, this list contains name of the life insurance firms which are not only popular but also trusted by many customers from the country and worldwide. The list of the top life insurance companies which are mentioned in this article are Metlife Life insurance, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, Prudential of America, New York Life Insurance Company, Lincoln National Corporation, Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company, John Hancock life insurance company, Aegon, State Farm Life Insurance Company and also Guardian Life Insurance Company. The list consists of names of companies which are both US-based firms and also foreign-based ones.

What are the top life insurance companies in the country? I am thinking of getting a life insurance policy and thinking about which life insurance firm to chose, can you suggest me the name of the top life insurers out there? You just need to read the post and the make the best choice according to your needs.


Metlife Life insurance is the biggest life insurance company in the country. Along with having presence in the national market, it also also expended its operations in foreign markets with life insurance and mutual find plans.

One of the advantages of going for Metlife is that it offers a variety of insurance products, annuities, employee benefits programs and asset management services. this enables you to choose from the offers which are suited to your budget.

Northwestern Mutual

The second most important life insurance company to go for is definitely, the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company which has around billions in terms of insurance premiums from the American market.

The reason for choosing Northwestern Mutual over other life insurance firms is that it is a mutual insurance company. As a result, the company is managed by policyholders instead of the shareholders and you also buy Northwestern Mutual insurance protection.

Prudential of America

The Prudential Financial company is another big name in both national and international life insurance market. This company boasts of having considerable presence in the foreign insurance markets making it the fourth-largest life insurance firm.

The reason for going to but a life insurance policy from this particular firm is obviously their worldwide presence and also the different kinds of insurance products, annuities, mutual funds, investment management services that it offers.

New York Life

The New York Life Insurance Company is a top New York bases life insurance firm which is the biggest revenue generated insurance company in the country. The company also offers it customers – long-term care insurance, annuities and mutual funds.

This company has also stated making money in the growing investment management business and enjoying dividends out there. Moreover, it is important to note that the company is a private ownership firm.

Lincoln National

The next life insurance company is the list is the Lincoln Mutual which is also know an Lincoln National Corporation. Along with it being a mutual life insurance company, there are many added advantages that one can enjoy from this life insurer.

The thing that life insurance buyers must consider about the company is that; it offers retirement plan services along with insurance products, long-term care insurance products, annuities and also many more.

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The Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company which is known to customers by the name of MassMutual is said to be the six-largest life insurance company in the whole of America. Like New York Life Insurance Company, it also has investment services.

The unique prospect that the this particular life insurance company offers over its competitors is the disability income insurance which is available along with the annuities, long-term care insurance services, etc.

John Hancock

The next on the line is John Hancock Financial. This is foreign insurance company is of Canada being the wholly owned subsidiary Manulife Financial Corporation. It is one of the largest life insurance forms in Canada.

Though, the John Hancock life insurance company has its headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. You can go for the long-term care insurance policies, mutual funds, and retirement and college savings plans.


Aegon is a top life insurance, pensions and asset management company which has presence around the world. The company is based in Netherlands and is headquartered in The Hague. Moreover, the country is also listed in New York stock exchange.

In addition to that, there are plethora of products that the company offers to its customers such as protection against mortality, morbidity and longevity risks, including traditional and universal life, endowment, term and whole life insurance products.

State Farm

State Farm is a know name in the insurance world and provides life insurance, mutual insurance, car insurance through its State Farm companies. Along with providing in life insurance, the company has many coverage plans for you to choose from.

Moreover, the coverage policies can also be divided into Term Life, Whole Life, Universal Life plans. You need to go through them in details and find out the plan which best suites you financial condition.

Guardian Life Insurance Co.

The last life insurance form on the list ids the Guardian Life Insurance Company. It is considered to be one of the biggest mutual life insurance forms in the country. this country is also based in New York City like New York Life Insurance Company

You can go for this life insurance firm, knowing that it has a large network of financial representatives which am is around three thousands along with having around seventy agencies across the borders of the country.

Choose the best:

So, now you have an idea about the top life insurance firms that is in the market. Moreover, we have explained about the unique specialities of each of life insurance companies and the reasons for choosing one over the others mentioned in the listicle. It is important to note that, this list list is compiled by asking many life insurance policyholders int eh country and around the world. They have mentioned about the many advantages and disadvantages of the different life insurance plans that these firms offer to it s customers. In a late blog, we will be going to talk about the pros and cons of the variety of life insurance plans, so stay tuned to this section for getting such valuable information. Thus, now the time has come for you to chose the best life insurance plan from the listed insurance companies and do give us you feedback on the same!

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